Larry Hanks & Deborah Robins hit the road again!

Deep breath!  Yes, it's true.  Larry Hanks & Deborah Robins, fresh off the release of their third duo CD, "The Wheel of Time", venture off to points East: Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Washington, DC...and more. 

Larry is celebrating his 75th birthday this year, and OVER 50 years of singing old American songs!

There are several different types of venues on this tour in which to enjoy them: Folk Society getaway weekends, house concerts, and clubs...

New dates will be added last minute as well, so watch this space!

As the late, great, Lyle Lofgren-- in an excerpt from his Old Time Herald review of the brand new Hanks/Robins CD, "The Wheel of Time", describes:

"...Hanks and Robins avoid these artistic straitjackets with a simple approach that is not the same thing as simplicity, but does reproduce the experience of listening to old friends singing on the back porch late at night. And the human voice is glorified here..."

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