Apple Picker's Reel

 Music and Lyrics by Larry Hanks (BMI)

Copyright 1966, 2009

Zippety Whippet Music*


Just in case you were wondering about that catchy tune you might have heard sung around here and there, then you should know that it was written back in 1966 by Larry Hanks:

         "I worked picking apples for only a few weeks in the fall of '66 near Sebastopol, California, and it was really a vacation-- a new pleasure, more than a job.  It was hard work for me, but it remained a fresh, joyful exercise. I tried to include in the lyrics what I learned in a few weeks' work.  The song [Apple Picker's Reel] erupted full-blown, while I was standing in a tree, exhausted, at the end of a hard day's work!"

                                                                                                    --Larry Hanks                                                                  


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